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Hi! I'm Bobby Lawson, Memphis vocalist/musician. I've been singing and playing guitar (Keyboards, Sax, and Harmonica) around Memphis for over 40 years. I'm currently performing with my band (The Bobby Lawson Band). We specialize in Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Memphis style Rock and Roll.
I also perform as a solo artist (accompanying myself on guitar and/or keyboards).


Here's a Utube link from Sunday's gig at the Rum Boogie on Beale. Glen Cammack, Guy Venable, and W.C. Garrison are the band members. I think it came off pretty well (after they figured out what key I was in!}:
My CD is still being played. I did an interview with a local internet blues radio station (I'll update with their info later) a few weeks ago. "Boogie All Night Long" is one of their most requested tunes - worldwide!
Incredible as it may sound , I have a new (vinyl) record release in the UK!
Ace records has released ""If You Want Me You Can Find Me" and a song that was never released (Smart Bird" - ha ha!). It's on their Big Beat label and will be part of their collectors series. Here's the link in case you want to preview or buy it : http://acerecords.co.uk/smart-bird-if-you-want-me-you-can-find-me  
I've been doing a Bluesy Church gig at Calvary Episcopal. Also, doing solo (private gigs). I'll be hosting a Blues Jam for the Memphis Blues Society Sunday 12/22.


2012 was a total wash for me: The production company that I was working with on my CD done me wrong. My CD's were never printed up as was part of our "supposed" deal (They are available, I printed them up as needed), and they never kept their promises - actually we never signed any paperwork so it is all (bad) history. 

Also the band didn't stick it out with me (for what ever reason). I paid them for their session work so they have no claims to the CD.
My CD, "Blues At You Door" is finished!.
Go To "Blues At Your Door" on the left.
I'm printing up another batch of physical CD's (the first printing sold out on our gigs). 
Here's a link to two videos on You Tube. The first is of my song "Boogie All Night Long " . The second is a montage of samples of all nine songs. Check them out:

I continue to be amazed in the interest in my early work with Lawson and Four More. Every time I google my name or the band name I find a new website or CD release with some of our songs on it.
Type in "Lawson And Four More" on YOU TUBE. There are some videos some entity (unknown to me) has posted.
I have two cuts on the recent Ardent release "Thank You Friends, The Ardent Records Story". I also have a cut on the recent Oxford American 10th Anniversary Southern Music CD release (I'm on a CD release with Elvis, Jerry Lee, Charlie Rich, REM, Del McCoury....!).
One of my originals has been posted on the studio (Steve Davis' Three Flights Up) website.
Give it a listen ("She Understands"):
By the way, I found out recently my nephew is a rapper and playing shows!
He asked me to sing on one of his tunes. 
He goes by the name of "Lil C".
"C" is for "Chris". His partner is a guy called "Big Durkee".
Give it a listen at www.myspace.com/lilcbigdurkee  
I'm on Facebook. Link with me there (if you haven't already).


For booking information please call or e-mail me at:
Listen to our demo! Click "Demo Songs" from our songlist of cover (dance)songs below.

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